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Meet The Girls Behind Love&Flour

Hi! I'm Jaime Elizabeth. Joselyn and I are so happy you're here! We love all things cake, macarons, and pretty much anything that's decorated pretty. Our styles are much different in our personal lives but when it comes to cake - we are 100% on the same page!

Joselyn and I met when a customer of mine (Justine) came in and had told me her friend was a cake decorator. I immediately looked up her cake page on Facebook and slid in her DM's. From there the rest is history! Jos became my first team member!! About eight months after Joselyn joined l&f we relocated to a much bigger space. At this point Justine joined us as a customer service team member. Talk about full circle huh?


Fast forward a year and we are now on a new journey where we are not eating meat, and have cute little kitties, Sprinkles & Bandit. I asked Joselyn to send me a cute pic of the cats for our blog post and her response was "UHMMMMM just one!!?!??!? how do I choose?". This may take a while....


I'm really looking forward to connecting with all of you on a new level - Instagram has been amazing, but it can be hard to give a more in depth look into baking and decorating. We get messages all day long asking for cake / decorating tips, business advice, and so much more. We'll be using our blog to answer lots of these questions, creating tutorials to help you decorate cakes at home and even advanced techniques for all of you out there looking to make a side hustle out of cake decorating! We may even throw in a post here in there of our fave recipes and products we've been using. What topics would you like us to cover on upcoming posts?!

xoxo - Jaime

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