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meet jaime



Jaime is a self taught baker and cake designer who fell in love with the art of cake decorating in 2010. She founded the storefront in 2016 after her mother kicked her out of the kitchen for taking over every weekend! Jaime knew Southern New Hampshire needed a beautiful sweets boutique that made great tasting, fresh product that is also IG worthy! So thats just what she did, September 21st 2016, Love+Flour opened its doors. Jaime loves to be apart of her customers celebrations by bringing their visions to reality. She prefers salty fries to sweet confections - but her all time favorite L&F treat is carrot cake anything! Cupcakes, cake slices, or carrot cake french macarons!

our core values

WORK HARD | LIVE WELL - We believe in a healthy work-life balance that allows us to achieve and live well.


YOU CAN SIT WITH US - We are fanatical about inclusion in our company and our community.


BETTER THAN YESTERDAY - Our only competition is ourselves yesterday.

WE ARE SERVANT LEADERS - We uphold our commitment to be a responsible member of our local community.


WAY BEYOND CAKE - We are passionate about using the highest quality ingredients to create great tasting memorable sweets

WE CHOOSE JOY - Every. Freaking. Day.

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